Luxurious experiences for the adventurous at heart. Transporting you to remote areas of Northern Tasmania and beyond in style. 


We believe that luxury and adventure are not mutually exclusive. Our fleet of elite small planes and helicopters allow us to deliver clients across Northern Tasmania, including to some of the most exclusive and remote locations.

Having lived in Northern Tasmania for the past nine years, co-owner and co-director of Unique Charters and Flinders Island Aviation Peter Barron, has a deep appreciation for the landscape and the adventures that lie within it.  A fascination with machinery has shaped Peter's career so far, having worked with automobile company, Audi, in various capacities for a number of years. This love of engines is what led him to complete his commercial pilot's license in October 2001.





After obtaining his license, Peter purchased Flinders Island Aviation. 'A Taxi in the sky' Flinders Island Aviation flies locals and visitors to the island alike in it's sturdy, 4-8 seater planes providing passengers with an experience like no other.

In 2017 Peter Barron launched Unique Charters with business partners Bruce Hume and Darren Ryan with a view to connecting the awe-inspiring experience of flying with bespoke food and wine experiences that showcase the stunning landscape of Tasmania and the Furneaux Islands.

Unique Charters with Flinders Island Aviation are based out at Bridport Airport with a fleet of aircraft that include the various fixed wing and helicopter options. Discover more to Tasmania with Unique Charters.