The Story of Sean & Anna’s Proposal – Part 2

The Planning of the Proposal

Bruce and Pete started talking about all the unique ways they could make this proposal special. A Fisherman and Pilot – Craig Hardy overhead the chat about this proposal and said he would love to be a part of it to make it even more special (Craig is a romantic at heart).

The plan began to come to life, and Craig helped out by flying Pete and himself over to the private island to set up the proposal at the surprise location before Sean and Anna arrived. They brought with them gourmet food and wine, some of the best that Tasmania has to offer – and then waited away from the proposal setting for Bruce to arrive with Sean and Anna.

Back at the Flinders Island Aviation hangar Sean is arriving with Anna – She thinks she is going on a local joy flight and was so excited but little does she know what is planned for her! They take off and begin flying along the stunning coastline of Tasmania, taking in the stunning sights like Barnbougle Lost Farm.


Bruce mentions to them if they’d be okay with them taking a quick detour to an island as he has something he needs to do. She fell for it, and they all arrive at the private island where Seans surprise for her awaits! (She still has NO IDEA!)

Stay Tuned for Part 3!

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