The Story of Sean & Anna’s Proposal – Part 3

The Proposal

So they’ve just landed, and Bruce says to the two of them “Why don’t you both go for a stroll around the island as I have some things I need to do”.So Sean and Anna go for a ‘random’ stroll, but little did Anna know that Bruce had already mentioned to Sean to look out for a jetty overlooking crystal blue waters, as this is where the proposal set up will be.



The two of them stroll around the island when they both ‘stumble’ across the jetty with two chairs, gourmet food and champagne.Sean is over the moon with how perfect the setup is and just as the setup went perfectly so did the proposal! Anna was over the moon with Sean’s romantic proposal and of course she said YES!

When it’s time for everyone to head back to Bridport, Pete and Bruce stroll down to say hello and congratulate Sean and Anna!
As Sean gets up to say thank you his phone accidentally falls out of his pocket… and into arctic cold waters. OH NO!Not to worry, Pete came to the rescue and bared all to rescue Sean’s phone from the depths of the icy but stunning cold water (brr…the things we are willing to do at Unique Charters!)

It’s safe to say the surprise worked a treat, Anna and Sean had an amazing flight and proposal!

It was great to combine Gold River JewellersUnique Proposals and Unique Charters, and to work together on creating special moment for Sean and Anna!

Congratulations Anna and Sean! From the team at Unique Charters with Flinders Island Aviation!

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