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Malcolm’s Flight

A Day to Remember 

Bruce and Pete first met Malcolm at the recent Flinders Island Aviation open hangar day as Malcolm mentioned he would love explore Flinders Island as the island holds very special and significant meaning to him through his late wife – Doreen Wright. So Pete and Bruce began to put a plan together to make this flight a special day to remember for Malcolm.

The day started off with a flight to Swan Island where they explored the Island before embarking on their next and very important part of the journey to Flinders Island. Upon arrival at Flinders Island they all went for a tasty lunch put on by A Taste of Flinders and a tour of the Whitemark township. During the tour they visited Bowmans Store and Malcolm was introduced to the familiar community faces of Louis and Kate.

After explaining the reason for the flight to the ladies it was established that Malcolm’s wife had history on the island and part of the history was displayed in the Furneaux Museum at Emita but the museum was currently closed. In typical Flinders Island fashion where nothing is a problem several phone calls were made and they managed to open for Malcolm to visit, so that he could see the telephone exchange that Doreen worked at. What made this even more special, over and above the open arm hospitality was finding Doreen’s name on a list of workers displayed on the exhibit – this was so special for Malcolm.

They were also able to show Malcolm where the original Telstra Exchange building was and the guys were able to visit this too, in order to see where Doreen worked which was also very special for Malcolm. When it was time to depart to go on the next part of the journey / scenic flight around the island the guys were able to fly over the Telstra Exchange and Post Office to see if from above.

The entire day and flight from Bridport to Flinders Island was spectacular, they flew over iconic locations such as Swan Island, the Farsund ship wreck, seals bathing in the sun on Moriarty Rocks, dolphins frolicking around in the water at the stunning North- East river as well as many islands that are a part of the Furneaux Island Group.

The day was certainly one to remember – everyone was moved by the support of the locals banding together to show the little treasures from time that they had where Doreen was a part of it. Its days like this that we certainly won’t forget, and we were so pleased to be able to create “Unique” experiences for our customers.

Special thanks to John and Leanne Clifford from Whitemark Post Office, Bowmans Store, A Taste of FlindersFurneaux Museum/ Chris Chen and especially Malcolm for becoming another special customer for Unique Charters.


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